Why are women interested in successful men?

A question with thousands of different, but perhaps somewhat identical, answers. If each of us was asked, amongst other things, we would state our own point of view. Some of the statements would definitely be “everything for the money and success”, or “women don’t care about a kind man” or “today it doesn’t really matter if you are polite “. Maybe some romantic souls would say “not all women are like that” or “I think there are exceptions”.

But, let’s be honest here. Success comes along with prestige and builds up self-confidence. Therefore, it attracts personal interest. This is not something new, of course. We see it happening every day. A successful rock star, a businessman, a politician or even a person with a significantly active social profile, is left without a match in life.

Success back in time

But, according to biology and human evolution, this was the recipe for survival since man discovered the wheel. What I mean is that women needed men, back in the days, to protect her and her baby while she was pregnant or in labor. This was the ultimate reason, humans sustained the concept of society. In other words, one’s survival laid on the presence of others.

Success was measured differently in old times

If the man you chose could hunt, build a shack and chase the bears away, you had a pretty good chance of being alive the next day. Although several thousand years have passed since then, these instincts still linger in our DNA.

But the environmental conditions have actually changed. For example, it is no longer very important to spear wild animals so you can eat. Nor is it crucial to carry stones around to build a love nest before the wolves devour you all.

Now success is defined differently. Sometimes with money, sometimes with intelligence and sometimes with your social influence. Today’s society values success by other metrics, because the world itself has changed a lot. Skills that depict success have nothing to do with physical strength and endurance. They are mostly connected with intelligence and mental ability. This means that a woman can also be the “strong” partner in a relationship or in a family.

Success in personal life depends partially on your partner.

In a society that changes rapidly, you can never be sure that your current success will be forever. A companion who is there only when you are strong, will be gone by the first “storm”. A partner, who keeps the distance and denies an active role in success, will never hold the wheel if the race begins to falter.

A companion, however, who can stand by you in success and in failure but can also contribute to your effort, is the secret ingredient of real success in personal life. No one can stand strong alone forever. Two people together make a better team.

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